KTA Marine Industry Coatings Inspection Kit

Not sure what combination of instruments you need for coatings inspection in the marine industry? KTA has done the work for you with the Marine Inspection Instrument Kit.

The NEW Pelican 1525 AIR Lifetime Warranty case holds the following:

PosiTector Advanced Memory Body

FT Probe (0-250 mils, non-magnetic coatings over ferrous metals)

Dew Point Anemometer Probe (DPMA)

Surface Profile Probe (SPG)

Taylor Paint Thermometer

Four SSPC Visual Guides (VIS 1 for dry abrasive blast cleaning, VIS 3 for power and hand tool cleaning, VIS 4 for water jetting and the VIS5 for wet abrasive blasting.

Blotter Paper

Horiba Conductivity Meter


KTA Certified Wet Film Thickness Gauge (0-60 mils)

Large illuminated LED Inspection Mirror


Intrinsically safe dual polymer high intensity light

Tinker and Rasor low voltage (wet sponge) pinhole detector

Bresle- SCAT Kit I (in a Pelican 1400) for chloride and ferrous ion detection is also provided in a separate carrying case.

Complete your purchase with the optional soft-sided, zippered carrying case and fully illustrated KTA Inspection Instrument Use Handbook, both sold separately.


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