Lead Check Instant Lead Testing Swabs


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Lead Check Instant Lead Testing Swabs

Determine the presence of lead quickly and reliably using Lead Check Instant Lead Testing Swabs. Lead Check Swabs are self-contained test units containing two crushable vials inside a protective cardboard tube. One vial contains a lead-reactive dye, while the other contains a premeasured activator solution. Activate the Lead Check Swab by crushing the two vials using finger/thumb pressure, then mix the dye and activator by shaking the tube. Gently squeeze the tube to emit an amber colored liquid onto the cotton filament at the end of the tube. Touch the tube end to any surface. If it turns red, there’s lead. Sensitivity to lead (detection limit) is approximately 0.5%. If the swab does not turn pink or red, there may be no lead, or it may be present in concentrations less than 0.5% and more sensitive laboratory testing may be required.

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