Linearizing Spring Micrometer

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Testex Linearizing Spring Micrometer

The Linearizing Spring Micrometer is designed to make reading Testex Press-O-Film Replica tape a simpler and more streamlined process.  It removes the need of setting the gauge to 8 or subtracting 2 from your reading since it automatically will deduct the 2 mils of Mylar on the replica tape.  You simply set the needle to the point that says “Zero Here” and proceed to take your readings.  The next step the linearizing micrometer takes in making tape readings easier is the fact that it will indicate if you are using the proper grade of tape.  For example: If you take a reading with X-Coarse replica tape and the needle falls under the red set of numbers you need to switch to the Coarse grade of tape.  The biggest innovation with the linearizing spring micrometer is the fact that you no longer have to use both Coarse and X-Coarse tape if you fall between 1.5 and 2.5 mils.  Simply use the grade that the dial face needle indicates and you are good to go!  This gauge is capable of reading .8 to 5 mils which is the range of the Replica Tapes.

A factory certification is not done on any of the micrometers.  If you would like your unit certified simply add CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE/MICROMETER to your shopping cart along with the micrometer.

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