Mikrotest 6 Automatic




Mikrotest 6 Automatic

This portable lightweight Mikrotest 6 Automatic coating thickness gauge nondestructively measures the thickness of nonmagnetic coatings applied to ferrous substrates. The gauge can be used with cylindrical parts and on the exterior of pipe, and can be used in any direction, even overhead. The gauge is similar to Mikrotest III, except the dial retracts and stops automatically, minimizing operator error. The scale on Model Zn-Fe reveals the thickness of galvanizing in oz/ft2 rather than in mils or microns. The gauge is sold complete with a plastic case. Conforms to ASTM D7091 and SSPC PA2. Accuracy is +/- 5% of the measurement.

Additional information

Weight 1.1000 lbs

SM-3 8-120 Mils, SM-5 20-200 Mils, Zn-Fe 0-2 oz/ft2, FM-A 0-40 Mils, GM-A 0-4 Mils, SM-10 0.1-0.4 inch, S3 0.2-3mm, S5 0.5-5mm, S10 2.5-10mm


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