SPGTS Probe Measures Concrete Surface Profile


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Positector 6000 SPGTS Probe

The SPGTS is designed to make measuring the surface profile of concrete a quick and easy task.  It can read up to 250 mils (6 mm) of profile.  This allows you to check the profile of concrete quickly and easily.  Like all the other SPG probes the SPGTS uses a field replaceable tungsten carbide tip allows for field replacements to be made.  Other features that come along with using a Positector for concrete surface profile readings are:

  • The ability to store readings while taking them
  • Access to the Defelsko PosiSoft Software for turning your readings into reports.
  • A HiLow alarm to immediately know if measurements are out of specification
  • Continuous average, standard deviation, min/max thickness, and number of surface profile readings

The SPGTS simply slides on to any colored screen standard body or advanced body with a serial number above 730,000.

**Positector 6000 Body Sold Separately**

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