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DeFelsko Plastic Shims

These convenient, pre-packaged, color-coded plastic shim sets are used to verify the accuracy of electronic dry film thickness gauges.
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KTA Aluminum Wet Film Thickness Gauge (25 Pack)

These credit card-sized (2.25" x 3.25") inexpensive, lightweight aluminum notch-type gauges contain a silk screened KTA logo and contact information, and are used measure the thickness of the wet paint film immediately after application.
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Ames Dial Micrometer

Measure the thickness of disbonded paint chip samples or verify the thickness of plastic shims using this small, portable, precision, spring-loaded dial micrometer manufactured by Ames.
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Using Coatings Inspection Instruments 3rd Edition

Completely updated, the 3rd edition includes instructions on the step-by-step use of 50 instruments and test kits for measuring ambient conditions (including electronic psychrometers), surface profile (including two digital depth micrometers and a new procedure for use of replica tape), SSPC visual guides, wet and dry film thickness, concrete testing, destructive coating thickness measurement, adhesion, holiday/pinhole detection and coating hardness. An updated list of surface cleanliness standards, an updated index of industry standards, and a new surface salt extraction and analysis procedure are also included.
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Fine Blade PA2053 1mm spacing – 11 teeth (Blade Only)

The Gardco Paint Adhesion Test Kit contains all of the equipment you will need to perform cross-cut adhesion testing according to Method B in ASTM D3359, "Measuring Adhesion By Tape Test."
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NAS Cabled Probe 0-25 mils Non Ferrous Substrate

NAS Cabled Probe 0-25 mils Non Ferrous Substrate
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