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The Concrete Profiler

Permanently replicate the roughness of concrete surfaces prior to coating using The Concrete Profiler or TCP.
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Carson MicroBrite Illuminated Inspection Microscope

This small but powerful (60-120X magnification), portable illuminated pocket microscope is ideal for examining coating defects.
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PosiTest AT

Measure the adhesive and cohesive strength of coatings and coating systems in the laboratory, shop or field using this self-aligning hydraulic tensile adhesion testing kit. The PosiTest AT uses hydraulic pressure to apply perpendicular force and debond an aluminum pull stub from the coating surface.
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KTA Test Panels – Call To Order

KTA-Tator, Inc. fabricates a variety of test panel sizes. Commercial grade hot-rolled carbon steel panels are available with mill scale or abrasive blast cleaned. Please "Contact Us" to inquire about our line of steel test panels. Our staff will be happy to explain all of the sizes and finishing options that are available, and to provide you with pricing, including shipping options and charges. Fabricated in the USA. Call To Order
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Standard Memory Body ONLY Probes Sold Separately

Standard Body
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M1 (Battery Operated) 67.5v

Verify a pinhole-free coating using the Tinker-Rasor low voltage wet sponge holiday detector.
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