Gage Recertification

Does Your Gage Need To Be Recertified?


Shipping Address

Bonnie Novak
115 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

KTA has significantly expanded its certification and repair service for coatings inspection equipment. Ms. Bonnie Novak ( heads up the department with the assistance of Mr. Ryan Spangenberg (

We offer ‘Certificates of Compliance’ on dry film thickness gages, spring micrometers, sling psychrometers, paint thermometers and surface temperature gages.  If your gage is out of tolerance, we work directly with our manufacturers to offer you a smooth repair/cert process.  If you have ambient condition (digital psychrometers, etc) gages, we can assist with those as well.

Have peace of mind that your next job will not be jeopardized by using inspection equipment that is out of certification. Return the gage to KTA and moving forward we will keep you updated with friendly reminders regarding your certification dates, so you never have to worry about compliance on a job site.

General Gage Certifications Done*:

Dry film thickness gages (Type I & II) $75.00

Digital surface profile gages (SPG) $75.00

Analog spring micrometers (Testex) $75.00

Digital hygrometers (DPM/Dew Point) $145.00

Magnetic surface temp gages $35.00

Paint thermometers $35.00

Sling psychrometer (2 bulbs) $75.00

Coating thickness standards $75.00

*Prices do not include any repair work. We will provide a quotation for your approval prior to any service being performed.

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