Rental Rates & Terms

Charges start the day the unit is shipped, until we receive it back.

Minimum 5 Day Rental Fee ($200 min)


  • Elcometer Adhesion Tester Model 106/2 (0-1,000 psi)

$40.00 day

Pull stubs (dollies) and adhesive for adhesion testers are not included in the rental price and must be purchased separately.

Holiday/Pinhole Detection

Tinker-Rasor APW High Voltage Holiday Detectors, both brushes and springs available. 900-14,000kV

$ 40.00 day

We now have two additional models!

Spy 790 High Voltage Holiday Detector – 5,000kV to 35,000kV!!  We have 4″, 8″, 12″ and 18″ wire brush electrodes available.

$ 40.00 day

Fischer Poroscope HV5 High Voltage Holiday Detector 800kV to 5000kV with Fan Electrode.

$ 40.00 day



Rental Pricing and Policies

Call Linda at 412 788 1300 x 164, or email for rental agreement.

Rental begins the day the instrument is shipped from KTA-Pittsburgh, PA and ends the day the equipment is received by KTA-Pittsburgh, PA (portal to portal).

Rental units are not available for sale, and rental payments may not be applied toward the purchase of a new unit.
Rental fees do not include shipping and handling charges. Minimum 5 Day Rental Fee ($200 min)