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KTA-TATOR, Inc. terms upon approval of this credit application will be net 30 days. All past due accounts are subject to a 1.5% service charge per month (18% per annum). Everything stated in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that KTA-TATOR, Inc. will retain this application whether or not it is approved. KTA-TATOR, Inc. is hereby authorized to check our credit and answer questions about our credit. I fully understand your credit terms and agree to the proper payment within those terms in consideration of extended credit. I also understand that all orders will be put on hold until payments are current and within KTA-TATOR, Inc. assigned credit limits. If this account is placed in the hands of an agency or attorney for collection, I am to pay an addition charge equal to the cost of collection including agency and attorney fees and court costs incurred and permitted by laws governing these transactions.