• Illuminated Inspection Microscope
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    Illuminated Inspection Microscope

    This small but powerful (60-100X magnification), portable illuminated pocket microscope is ideal for examining coating defects.
  • Illuminated Magnifier-10X
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    Illuminated Magnifier-10X

    This illuminated 10-power magnifier is used to assess surface dust concentrations per ISO 8502, Part 3 – Assessment of Dust on Steel Surfaces Prepared for Painting. Comes complete with two C-cell alkaline batteries.
  • Illuminated Magnifier-5X
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    Illuminated Magnifier-5X

    This large view, illuminated 5-power magnifier is ideal for observing coating defects, or when used in conjunction with the Keane-Tator Comparators, can be used to assess surface profile depth.