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Qnix 1500

The durable, portable Qnix 1500 measures the thickness of coatings (0-200 mils or 0-5000 microns) applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates.

Qnix 4200-4500

The Qnix 4200/4500 portable non-destructive gauge measures the thickness of coatings applied to ferrous substrates (Model 4200) and ferrous/non-ferrous metal substrates (Model 4500).

QNix 5500

The QNix®5500 is easy to handle, precise, extremely robust, designed for long-term use and optimally designed for quick coating checks.

QNix 9500

The QNix®9500 coating thickness gauge is a great choice for measurement applications with requirements for storing measured values, archiving, creating