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KTA Aluminum Wet Film Thickness Gauge (25 Pack)

These credit card-sized (2.25" x 3.25") inexpensive, lightweight aluminum notch-type gauges contain a silk screened KTA logo and contact information, and are used measure the thickness of the wet paint film immediately after application.

KTA-Tator Certified Stainless Steel Wet Film Thickness Gauge

KTA Tator Wet Film Thickness Gauge reads both mills and microns. This revolutionary Gauge will change they way you measure WFT.

Octagon Wet Film Thickness Gauge

Octagon Wet Film Thickness Gauge The octagon wet film thickness gauge is the perfect option if a high reading range

Powder Comb Thickness Gauge

These small pocket-sized aluminum gauges are uniquely designed to measure the thickness of powder coatings after application but before they are cured.