We carry a range of Surface Cleanliness Test Kits, Probes, and products to quickly and accurately determine the surface cleanliness for coating inspection.

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Amine Blush Test Kit

The TQC Amine Blush Kit is a multi-step amine blush indicator. Due to advanced research on suitable media, the TQC Amine Blush Kit is the most advanced kit on the market.

ISO Surface Cleanliness Standards

Using the ISO Standards can reduce the degree of subjectivity associated with evaluating surface cleanliness.

Spectroline Opti-Lux 365 OLX-365B Blacklight

With a lightweight and compact body, the OPTI-LUX 365B greatly reduces user fatigue. It gets into tight, cramped places that larger lamps can’t. The flashlight has a coverage area of up to 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) in diameter at a distance of 15 inches (38.1 cm). This versatile unit produces an extremely uniform beam profile for both sample viewing and photography. Powered by one rechargeable lithium-ion battery (extra battery included in kit), the OPTI-LUX 365 provides four hours of continuous inspection time. The rugged, anodized aluminum lamp body minimizes corrosion and stands up to years of heavy use. This UV-A LED inspection flashlight comes complete with a lanyard, belt holster, two rechargeable batteries, smart 2-position charging cradle with AC and DC power cords, and UV-absorbing spectacles, all conveniently packaged in a padded carrying case

Spectroline Vintage 365

The spectroline Vintage 365 is a modern handheld UV inspection lamp for detecting hydrocarbon oil contamination.

SSPC Vis Guides

Using the SSPC visual guide can reduce the degree of subjectivity associated with evaluating surface cleanliness. There are a total

TQC Dust Tape Kit

The TQC dust tape kit has everything needed to perform tests in accordance with ISO 8502-3 and JIS Z 0313 to verify that there is no dust on the surface.