Unlock seamless coating equipment management with KTA Gage Hub™, an exclusive online portal designed for KTA Instrument Sales and Service customers. Streamline your calibration process, create and manage RMAs, track equipment, and access current and historical calibration certificates – all for free!

Realtime Calibration Order Tracking

Experience unparalleled service order tracking with Gage Hub™’s advanced RMA (return merchandise authorization) system. Log in to the portal and view the real-time status of your order. As soon as your equipment status changes, the system automatically updates, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Maximize control over your equipment with additional RMA features, such as the ability to separate your equipment into different orders and approve repair work online.

Equipment Management System

KTA Gage Hub™ is built to streamline the handling of anywhere from 1 to several hundred gages. Equipment managers can view a filterable list of all equipment, sorted by crucial metrics such as calibration date, gage type, and functionality. Assign equipment to employees to grant them access only to their designated equipment, enhancing equipment fleet tracking and aiding in anticipating employee calibration needs.

Digital Certification Viewer

Stay prepared with our Digital Certification Viewer, which allows you to access PDF copies of current and past calibrations for any equipment certified by KTA. Available 24/7, never be caught without the necessary calibration documentation again.


How do I access Gage Hub?

Gage Hub accounts are provided to all KTA service customers after the first time calibration work is performed.  It can be accessed 24/7 at  If you have used KTA for calibration services and never received a login for Gage Hub please reach out to and we will get your account set up.

Do I have to use Gage Hub to send my equipment in for repair or calibration?

While the traditional method of sending equipment in for recalibration with contact information in the box will still work.  We strongly encourage anybody sending equipment in to use Gage Hub to generate an RMA (return merchandise authorization) for it.  This will allow enhanced features such as real time status tracking and the ability to split the RMA to be available. It will also help reduce delays as once received your equipment will be immediately ready to be processed.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

To reset your password simply go to and when prompted to login select “forgot password”.  This will then walk you through the steps of resetting your password.

I manage equipment for my company but am not seeing all the gages. Why is that?

This is most likely because you are not listed as the company admin on your account.  Please reach out to us at so we can further assist you.

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