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PosiTest® HHD High Voltage Holiday Detector

The hand-held portable PosiTest HHD is a pulse DC high voltage holiday detector featuring a voltage setting range of 500 to 35,000 volts.

PosiTest® LPD Holiday Detector

Defelsko Positest LPD Holiday Detector Holiday detection has never been easier with the Defelsko Positest LPD.

Tinker & Rasor PRM

Verify the output voltage of high voltage holiday detectors using the Tinker & Rasor Peak Reading Voltmeter.

Tinker-Rasor Low Voltage Wet Sponge Holiday-Pinhole Detector

Verify a pinhole-free coating (up to 20 mils) using the low voltage wet sponge holiday detector from Tinkor-Rasor.

PosiTector DPM

Positector DPM Standard Built-in Probe measures and records ambient conditions including air & surface temp., relative humidity & dew point temperature

PosiTector DPM L

This dew point meter attaches to steel structures to measure and record environmental parameters independently for up to 200 days.

PosiTector DPMA

The Positector 6000 DPMA probe is the perfect solution for gathering ambient conditions in the field.  Along with all of

PosiTector DPMIR

Positector DPMIR The Positector DPMIR probe has everything you need to get your ambient conditions.  Just snap this probe onto

PosiTector DPMS

Available in either standard or advanced models with built in or separate probe, this electronic psychrometer measures and records ambient conditions including air and surface temperatures, relative humidity, dew point temperature and the spread between the dew point and surface temperatures.

PosiTector IRT

Positector IRT The Positector IRT probe offers an affordable way to add the infrared capability to a Positector 6000 body. 

PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Reader

This remarkable digital spring micrometer measures and records average peak to valley surface profile height with improved accuracy us Testex Press-O-Film Replica Tape. It also provides inspectors with a digital record of measurements that can be downloaded to your computer.

PosiTector SHD Shore Hardness Durometer

The PosiTector SHD Shore Hardnesss Durometer is a handheld electronic instrument that measures the indentation hardness of non-metallic materials. Two durometer models are available for different hardness ranges - Shore A and Shore D.