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007 Compact Wet Blasting Unit

Don't be fooled by its compact size; the small GBT 007 packs a punch that surpasses industry standards. The team at Greener Blast embarked on a mission to redefine what's possible with a miniature unit, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. With the GBT 007 Compact Wet Blasting Unit, expect performance, reliability, and aesthetics that exceed your expectations.

GBT 175 Vapor Blasting Unit

Introducing the GBT 175 Vapor Blaster by Greener Blast Technologies: Power, Precision, and Performance Unleash the full potential of your surface preparation tasks with the GBT 175. This industry-favorite model delivers wet blasting power, durability, and affordability. Versatile enough to handle heavy-duty jobs or intricate detailing with ease.

GBT 760 Slurry Blasting Unit

Introducing the GBT 760 Slurry Blasting Unit: Power, Precision, and Portability Greener Blast's compact powerhouse, the GBT 760, redefines surface preparation. Built for major blasting jobs yet versatile enough for delicate tasks, this patented feat of engineering boasts unmatched power, reliability, and affordability.

GBT Dual Outlet Wet Blaster

Greener Blast Technologies revolutionizes wet blasting with our extraordinary Dual Outlet unit, engineered for global offshore oil rigs and large commercial projects. Experience unparalleled efficiency and power with environmental benefits, setting a new standard in industrial blasting.