Electrical Calibration and Repair Services

Are You Ready To Send Your Electronic Equipment In for Calibration, Service, or Repair?

Complete the form and chose your desired calibration type. After completion of the form, please send your equipment to:

KTA Tator, Inc.

Instrument Service Department

145 Enterprise Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Are you near the Pittsburgh, PA area? If so, stop in to drop off your equipment! We are just minutes from the Pittsburgh Airport. 

Equipment Price List

Equipment Price List

Equipment Type NIST Traceable
Multimeters $68.00
Clamp Meters $68.00
Low Voltage Holiday Detectors $110.00
High Voltage Holiday Detectors $160.00
Tinker & Rasor SR2 Soil Resistivity Meter $160.00

*Prices do not include any repair work. We will provide a quotation for your approval prior to any service being performed.

**KTA charges a $35 testing fee. The fee is waived if the equipment passes calibration, is traded in, or is repaired.

DISCLAIMER: Customers who are unable to be reached or have not paid for equipment after 180 days that has gone through our calibration lab, equipment will be discarded

Have a gauge that isn’t listed above? Give us a call, we are continually adding new capabilities and may be able to help!

How long will this take?

While it is hard to give an exact time frame due to circumstances out of our control, we aim to have all equipment completed within a week of receipt.  There are several factors that may cause a longer turnaround. Some common reasons for longer delay and options to help reduce it is:

Repairs are needed: Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to prevent the lead time of repairs.  In cases were the equipment needs to be sent back to the manufacturer we have no control over how long it will take them to repair it.  This can lead to time delays of around a month. While there is not much, we can do about time frames in this situation we are always glad to split all the equipment you have that is ready to go on its own order, so it is not held up!

Equipment Drift: Some gages tend to drift overtime.  This is especially true for ambient equipment as it is highly sensitive to the environment it is operated in.  If one of your gage’s drifts it will have to be returned to the manufacturer for corrections which can take around 3 weeks.  If you are in a time crunch and afraid of this holding up the rest of the equipment you sent in let us know to ship any ready equipment back as soon as it is ready, so it is not held up.

Payment Delay: One of the largest delays we encounter is not being able to get credit card information or a PO when your equipment is ready.  To help reduce any delay here we are glad to arrange payment details before the work is done on a best-case scenario.  This way if everything passes calibration and it is the amount anticipated we can ship right back to you and the only reason we would need to update any information would be if the price was higher.

Unable to get in contact: Our service team may need to contact you for several reasons.  The biggest reason would be to get your approval for any repair work that may need done.  Without your approval we are unable to move forward with the work.  For this reason, be sure to monitor the contact information you provide us for emails or calls.  We will call from 412-788-1300 so make sure you pick up if you see that number.

*Equipment that has undergone calibration in our lab will be disposed of after 180 days if payment is outstanding or if the customer cannot be reached.

About our Service Department

KTA has a calibration lab that is prepared to handle the recertification of all your equipment. Each of our technicians goes through a coatings training course to garnish a firm understanding of the importance of accurate equipment in the field.  Whether you have equipment from one manufacturer or many we can take your calibration time worries away.  Simply send us all the equipment you need calibrated and our skilled team will take care of the rest.  All calibrations will be performed, and any necessary repair work will be coordinated directly with the manufacturer.  If you send us a piece of equipment, we can’t calibrate in house we will coordinate with the manufacturer and local labs to get it calibrated for a fair price taking the pressure off your back.

Whether you have 1 gage or 100 requiring annual calibration we aim to make remembering calibration due dates easier.  Our asset management system allows us to send you courtesy letters as your equipment nears recalibration.  When the time comes to send it in simply fill out the form on this page and send the equipment in with no RMA required.

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