The Byko Test is a compact and affordable dry film thickness gauge capable of reading 0-79 mils on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.  Within the gauge there is a built in sensor for reading Dew Point, Air Temperature, and Relative Humidity.  The large color display and large interface buttons make it easy to obtain readings in low light field conditions.  While a ruby probe tip and slip resistant grip help reduce drops and probe wear.

The Byko Test is capable of automatically switching between substrates so readings can quickly be obtained even when changing substrates.  Easy to use zero capabilities ensure that when arriving at the job site there is minimum set up before taking readings.  A statistics mode allows for statistical information on up to 1000 readings to be calculated directly from the reading screen.  The statistics mode also has built in configurations to help with calculating readings in accordance to PA2.  The built in limit mode allows for high and low reading parameters to be set and for the gauge to automatically alert you with either an audible tone, screen flash, or both a tone and flash when readings are out of the testing parameters.  Other features include a key lock to prevent accidental inputs and stability mode to ensure the gauge is not tilted when taking readings.

The gauge is compliant with ASTM B499, D1400, D7091, D1186, BS 3900 Part C5, 5411 (3, 11), DIN EN ISO 2360, 2808, EN ISO 2178, and SSPC PA2.

Included with purchase is:

  • Byko Test
  • Factory Calibration Certificate
  • Field Verification Standards
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hardshell Carrying Case

KTA Offers ISO 17025 calibration on this item.  Please reach out to for additional information. Or call 1-800-582-4243 


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dry Film Thickness Measurement Range

0-79 mils
0-2000 microns

Air Temperature

32-122 °F
0-50 °C

Relative Humidity

0-100% RH


0-79 mils ±0.78 mils + 3% of measured value
0-2000 microns ±2 microns + 3% of measured value
32-122 °F ±2.7 °F
20-70% RH ±4%
0-19% and 71-100% RH ±6%

Minimum Curvature

Convex 0.20 in (5 mm)
Concave 1.2 in (30 mm)

Minimum Substrate Required

Ferrous: 0.008 in (0.2 mm)
Non-Ferrous: 0.002 in (0.05 mm)


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