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12 Piece Fillet Weld Set

Use for:
  • Checking Fillet Leg Size
  • Checking Fillet Throat Size
1/32" increments to 1/2", 1/16" increments to 1"

Adjustable Fillet Weld Gauge

  • Fillet weld leg lengths from 1/8" to 1" in 1/32" increments
  • Unequal legged fillet welds
  • Desired throat thickness of fillet welds

Combo-Welding Gauge

Can measure in Inch or Metric
  • Measure root size: Accurately determine the root size of your welds, crucial for maintaining structural integrity.
  • Fillet weld leg measurement: Easily assess fillet weld leg dimensions, ensuring compliance with specifications.
  • Butt weld height: Measure butt weld height with precision, vital for achieving desired weld profiles.
  • Fillet weld throat: Determine fillet weld throat dimensions accurately for optimal weld strength.
  • Angle of preparation: Gauge the angle of preparation effortlessly, facilitating precise welding setups.

Customizable Weld Inspection Kit

Introducing our Customizable Weld Inspection Kit, tailored to meet your specific needs. With the freedom to select gauges and quantities, you determine which assortment is best for you.

Economy Single Purpose Hi-Lo Welding Gage

  • Root Weld Space
  • Eliminate Rejects - Improves Productivity
  • Internal Misalignment
  • Delivered with a protective leather-like carry pouch
Measures in Inches

Hi-Lo Welding Gauge

  • Measures internal alignment of pipe after fit-up/alignment, cuts radiographic rejects
  • Measures internal misalignment of pipe before and after tracking
  • Measurement Scale: Inches on one side and Metric on the opposite side
  • Stainless Steel
  • Satisfies Fit-Up codes, ASME, ANSI, API & Military

Skew-T Fillet Weld Gauge

Used to:
  • Check the inspection dimension of an acute and obtuse dihedral angle weldment
  • The angle of the vertical member