Ames Dial Micrometer


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Dial Micrometer

Measure the thickness of disbonded paint chip samples or verify the thickness of plastic shims using this small, portable, precision, spring-loaded dial micrometer manufactured by Ames. A secondary inner dial counts the number of revolutions of the outer dial. Two models are available; one graduated in mils and the other graduated in 0.5 mil increments. Accuracy is +/- 1 scale division. Complete with leather pouch. Note: Not for use with Testex Replica Tape. Made in the USA.

Manufacturer: Ames

Additional information

Weight 0.2000 lbs

A/25 (graduated in mils) 212145 0-5/16", A/252 (graduated in 1/2 mils) 212150 0-5/16"


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