Assess surface profile depth (generated by abrasive blast cleaning) quickly and easily with these durable 3″ reference discs. The blast cleaned surface is visually compared to five segments on the reference disc through a hand held illuminated magnifier. Three reference discs are available; the disc selected is based on the abrasive used to prepare the steel surfaces. Reference disc choices include one for surfaces prepare with sand, one for surfaces prepared with steel shot and a third for surfaces blast cleaned with a grit or slag abrasive. Each disc is a high purity nickel electro-formed copy of a master disc duplicated to within +/- 50 microinches. The standard kit includes a choice of one reference disc (choose upon ordering) in a vinyl pouch and an illuminated magnifier equipped with a magnet to hold the reference disc in place during inspections. Conforms to ASTM D4417, Method A.

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