Replacement 20mm Pull Stubs (package of 10)

Replacement 20mm Pull Stubs (package of 10)


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Measure the adhesive and cohesive strength of coatings and coating systems in the laboratory, shop or field using this self-aligning hydraulic tensile adhesion testing kit. The PosiTest AT uses hydraulic pressure to apply perpendicular force and debond an aluminum pull stub from the coating surface. A unique, round-headed pull stub design compensates for mis-alignment. The pull-off rate is monitored using an LED display. The pull-off value is read directly from the digital display in PSI or KPa, and the value can be stored into memory or recorded real time. Choose from two models; Model AT-Manual requires the user to pump a lever to apply hydraulic force to the actuator; Model AT-Automatic applies hydraulic force to the actuator with the press of a button. The PosiTest AT kit comes complete with everything you need to perform adhesion testing on metal or concrete surfaces. A lightweight foam-fitted carrying case holds the tester and actuator, pull stubs, abrasive pad to abrade the pull stub and coating contact surfaces, cutting tool, adhesive kit (including mixing sticks, cardboard palettes and cotton swabs), and instructions. Additional pull stubs and adhesive kits are available. Conforms to ASTM D4541 and D7234. A Certificate of Traceability to NIST is included with your purchase. Made in the USA.

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