Tinker-Rasor Low Voltage Wet Sponge Holiday-Pinhole Detector

Verify a pinhole-free coating using the Tinker-Rasor low voltage wet sponge holiday detector. Tinker-Rasor is a leader in holiday detection equipment. The portable, plastic solid state transitorized nondestructive low voltage (67.5v) detector uses regular potable water from a wetted sponge and a ground wire (attached to the uncoated substrate) to complete a circuit and produce an audible signal indicating a pinhole or flaw in the coating. A red indicator light also illuminates when the detector alarms. The tester is suitable for use on any nonconductive coating (up to 20 mils thick) applied to a conductive substrate. While there is no spark hazard during detection, the device operates on batteries and is not intrinsically safe. Model M1/AC employs 110/120v AC and operates on the same principle as the M1, but can be adjusted for various sensitivities to detect moisture permeable areas in coatings. The detector is sold complete with batteries, bottle of non-sudsing wetting agent for use when inspecting coatings in the 10-20 mil range, 15 foot ground wire, 18″ phenolic wand with lead and sponge. The wetting agent should not be used when testing between coats. The detector conforms to ASTM D5162. Made in the USA.


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