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PosiTector and Probes

Choose either the Standard Memory Body or the Advanced Memory Body and then add your probes!

PosiTector CMM IS

Positector CMM IS conformance with ASTM F2170 and is designed to easily collect and report relative humidity in concrete floor slabs.  RH readings available on an Apple or Android smart device or a Positector Advanced gauge with a DPM probe.

PosiTector SPGTS

Positector  SPGTS The SPGTS is designed to make measuring the surface profile of concrete a quick and easy task.  It

PosiTector SPGTS Probe

Positector  SPGTS The SPGTS is designed to make measuring the surface profile of concrete a quick and easy task.  It

PosiTest AT

Measure the adhesive and cohesive strength of coatings and coating systems in the laboratory, shop or field using this self-aligning hydraulic tensile adhesion testing kit. The PosiTest AT (adhesion tester) uses hydraulic pressure to apply perpendicular force and debond an aluminum pull stub from the coating surface.

PosiTest Coating Thickness Gauge

This compact, lightweight, precisely balanced coating thickness gauge nondestructively measures the thickness of nonmagnetic coatings applied to ferrous substrates.

PosiTest DFT

The PosiTest DFT nondestructively measures the total thickness of coatings applied to ferrous (F model) or ferrous/Non-ferrous (F/NF model) metal substrates.

DeFelsko Certified Coating Thickness Standards

Certified coated metal plates are ideal for verifying the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gauges and are an important component in fulfilling both ISO and in-house quality control requirements. Many organizations require verification of gauge accuracy at the test site each time a coating thickness gauge is put into service and at frequent intervals during use. Ideal for this purpose, DeFelsko certified coating thickness standards have measured values traceable to a National Metrology Institution. FERROUS S1 0, 3, 10, 60 mils S2 0, 3, 10, 40 mils

DeFelsko Plastic Shims

These convenient, pre-packaged, color-coded plastic shim sets are used to verify the accuracy of electronic dry film thickness gauges.

DPMA Probe for Wind and Environmental Readings

Positector 6000 DPMA Probe The Positector 6000 DPMA probe is the perfect solution for gathering ambient conditions in the field.


Equipped with the smallest probe of any magnetic pull-off gauge, the PosiPen is a miniature (5.5" long) gauge that measures the thickness of any non-magnetic coating applied to a ferrous substrate.