DE Stearns 14/20 High Voltage Holiday Detector

The D.E. Stearns 14/20 high voltage holiday detector will allow you to inspect nearly any coating you come across for holidays and pinholes.  With the majority of the instrument capable of being worn on a belt, it helps reduce arm fatigue when being used on floors, tanks, walls, and other non-pipe structures.  The 14/20 also features highly visible LED lights and an audible alarm to alert you of any pinholes that you encounter.  It features a mil-spec ergonomic design to give it the ideal combination of comfort and durability.

The 14/20 now also includes a safety switch right in the handle.  If the switch is not held in the holiday detector will not output a charge.  This increases the safety of the operator and everybody on the job site!

Output Voltage Range: 800 volts to 35,000 volts
Output Voltage Positions: 100 volt increments
Accuracy: +/- 5%
Input Voltage: 6v Battery, 110 volt AC Charger, 220 volt charger available
Instrument Dimensions: 6.75” x 8.5” x 3.5”, 8lbs
Carrying Case Dimensions: 41” x 18” x 8” , 35 lbs


Included with every 14/20 purchase is:

  • Instrument and Power Pak
  • 5′ High Voltage Power Cable
  • 20′ Ground Cable
  • Wand and Extension Handles
  • Rechargeable Battery and Charger
  • Your Choice of Electrode*
  • Belt (Hip or Shoulder)
  • Mil-Spec Carrying Case with Wheels
  • Adapter to use “Spy” Spring Electrodes with D.E. Stearns Wand Handle
  • Voltage Adjusting Screw Driver
  • Instruction Manual
*Choice of Electrodes
Please put which one of the following electrodes you woud like with your detector in the notes when placing your order.
Full Circle Spring Electrode for any one pipe diameter between 2″ and 36″
Half Circle Spring Electrode for any one pipe diameter between 0.75″ and 8″
Silicone-Rubber, or Wire-Brush Electrode with any one width between 2″ and 8″


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