KTA Gage Pipeline Inspection Kit

KTA Offers ISO 17025 calibration on many of these items.  Please reach out to for additional information. Or call 1-800-582-4243 


Brand new Addition!  The Defelsko Positector SHD Shore Hardness Durometer Probe!!

Not sure what combination of instruments you need for coatings inspection in the pipeline industry? KTA has done the work for you with the Pipeline Coatings Inspection Instrument Kit.

The kit includes:

Defelsko Positector Standard Memory Model Body

Positector 6000 FTS Probe (0-250mils, calibration certificate included)

Positector SHD Shore Hardness Durometer Probe (Calibration certificate included)

Bacharach sling psychrometer

US Weather Bureau Psychrometric Tables

PTC Surface Temperature Thermometer

Taylor Paint Themometer

SSPC VIS 1 Guide for Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning

pH Paper

Testex Micrometer and 1 role Coarse & 1 role X-Coarse Replica Tape

SSPC-PA 2 Dry Film Thickness Measurement Standard (2015)

KTA Certified Wet Film Thickness Gauge (0-60mils)

Pipe Pit Depth Gauge

Mini Microscope

Illuminated LED Inspection Mirror

Intrinsically Safe HD Polymer Dual Light

KTA Tator Durable Documents Inspection Log Book

All items are provided in a locking Lifetime Warranty PELICAN 1520 Hard Shell case, included with your purchase.

Complete your purchase with the optional soft-sided, zippered case and fully illustrated KTA Inspection Instrument Use Handbook, both sold separately.

If you need the Sling, PTC Surface Temp, Taylor Paint Thermometer or Testex Spring Micrometer certified, please add to cart!


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