Defelsko PosiTest LPD Holiday Detector

Holiday detection has never been easier with the Defelsko Positest LPD.  Its lightweight ergonomic design allows you to use it all day without straining your wrist.  With its easy to use interface you are able to change its voltage to conform with the standard you are using. Capable of reading from 0-20 mils and operating for over 150 hrs (depending on battery type).

The Positest LPD also has a GroundSenseTM feature which allows you to visibly see that the device is properly grounded.

Available in either a complete or basic kit!

This holiday detector conforms with ISO 14654, ISO 8289-A, ASTM G62, G6, D5162, BS7793-2, NACE TM0384, SP0188, AS3894.2, and JIS K 6776.


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