FNDS Cabled Probe for Duplex Coatings


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FNDS Cabled Probe for Duplex Coatings

The Positector 6000 FNDS probe allows you to read the individual thicknesses of both the paint and zinc layers in a duplex coating system at the same time.  This is perfect for systems that use a paint or powder coating over top of galvanized steel.  While in Duplex mode the FNDS Cabled Probe will use both magnetic and eddy current principles at the same time to give you a read out for both the thickness of your coating and the thickness of the zinc layer.

When taken out of its duplex mode you will be able to use this probe like an FNS Probe.  This will allow you to read 0-60 mils on ferrous or non-ferrous metals or up to 60 mils for a two coating system.

**Compatible with PosiTector Advanced (serial numbers 730,000+) and PosiTector Standard gage bodies with a color display. A Simple gage update may be required.**

**Positector Body Sold Seperately**

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