Tinker & Rasor Silver-Silver/Chloride (AgAg/Cl) Reference Electrode Kit


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Tinker & Rasor Silver-Silver/Chloride (AgAg/Cl) Reference Electrode Kit

The Tinker & Rasor SC-4 reference electrode kit contains everything necessary to conduct field tests both on shore and off shore. The Tinker & Rasor Silver-Silver/Chloride reference electrode has 2 body types making it a versatile unit that can be used both on land and sea.  It is constructed of a strong plastic body with a brass weight for sea use.  The waterproof connector with stainless steel wire strain allow for it to be pulled up from great depths.  Every electrode uses 99.999% pure silver to ensure a consistent accuracy from the electrode.

Included with your purchase is:

  • Reference Cell Body for Land
  • Reference Cell Body for Sea
  • Brass Weight
  • Waterproof Connection
  • Silver Element
  • “Ocean Water”
  • Carrying Case

The W-7 water proof adapter included with this kit is the strongest available in the word.  This allows you to have a pull strength of 50 times the wire connected to it and the stainless steel loop helps prevent it getting caught on most structures.

Replacement tips and parts for this kit are available.  Please call or send an email for current pricing or more information.

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