PosiTest HHD High Voltage Holiday Detector


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KTA Offers ISO 17025 calibration on many of this item.  Please reach out to Sales@kta.com for additional information. Or call 1-800-582-4243 


The PosiTest HHD is a pulse DC high voltage holiday detector featuring a measurement range of 500 to 35,000 volts.  Within the PosiTest HHD is a built in voltage verifier that continuously regulates the voltage at the electrode ensuring that the voltage at the screen is the voltage being outputted.  Weighing only 4 lbs continuous usage puts minimal strain on the operator.

The built in voltage calculator takes the guess work out of selecting the proper voltage.  Simply select one of the 11 international standards and input the coating thickness.  The test voltage will then be automatically calculated based on the selected standard.  Once the voltage has been calculated adjustments are still able to be made in the standard voltage selection menu.

Contained in a sealed ABS plastic enclosure the PosiTest HHD is made to be weatherproof, dust proof, and shock proof.   The ground cable features a spring loaded locking connector to keep the cable properly connected during use.  The internal lithium-ion battery allows for up to 40 hours of continous use on a single charge and is easily swapable via a thumbscrew.

The PosiTest HHD conforms to national and international standards including NACE, ASTM, and ISO.  Included with each unit at no additional charge is a long form calibration certificate traceable to NIST.

Included with every purchase of a new PosiTest HHD detector is:

  • PosiTest HHD
  • 25′ Ground Cable with clip
  • Li-ion battery pack with built in charge indicator
  • Smart charger with universal AC voltage input
  • Stainless Steel Fan Brush
  • 20″ Extension Rod with thumbscrew electrode connector
  • Shoulder strap
  • Instruction Manual
  • Pelican Storm Carrying case with custom inserts
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Two year warranty

Optional accessories are available to expand the PosiTest HHD’s operational capabilities.  Starting with the handheld wand adapter which allows the detector to go from a stick style to a shoulder mounted device.  An external verifier is also sold to allow any holday detector’s output voltage to be tested.  Electrode adaptors are also availible to allow PCWI and Tinker-Rasor electrodes to be used on the HHD.

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Weight 35 lbs


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