PosiPen Coating Thickness Gauge


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PosiPen Coating Thickness Gauge

Equipped with the smallest probe of any magnetic pull-off gauge, the PosiPen is a miniature (5.5″ long) gauge that measures the thickness of any non-magnetic coating applied to a ferrous substrate. The gauge is ideal for measuring coating thickness (0.25 -20 mils; 5-500 microns) on small, hot (up to 450°F) or difficult access surfaces. The gauge can be used in any position, and has a triple, color-coded, dual (mils/microns) indicator scale for measurements taken vertically, horizontally or overhead. Perfect for measuring the thickness of the coating on or between the ribbing on rebar. Comes with a leather pouch. Accuracy is +/- 10% of the reading, traceable to NIST. Made in the USA.

Manufacturer: DeFelsko

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